GHA Introduces New Mental Health Crisis Line

The GHA has introduced a new Mental Health Crisis Line - 111.

A statement from the GHA follows below:

In a Mental Health Crisis call 111. The GHA has streamlined the way in which members of the public can access Mental Health Services in a crisis or emergency. 

From Monday 26th July 2021, members of the public should call 111 to report a mental  health crisis or to access Mental Health Services in an emergency. The call will be clinically  screened through a triage process and the most appropriate response will be actioned. The  triage protocol has been based on an adapted version of the UK and Australian Mental Health  7-point Triage Scale, and provides clearly-defined, actionable responses dependent on a  clinical assessment of the urgency of each case. 

The use of 111 in this way creates a single point of contact through which crisis Mental Health  services can be accessed and facilitates a quicker, more effective response. This is in line with  the findings of the Mental Health Situational Analysis Report, published in November 2020,  which highlighted the need for a more joined-up approach across the GHA’s Mental Health  services. 

The Minister for Health and Care, the Hon Samantha Sacramento, said: “The Mental Health  Situational Analysis Report published late last year emphasised the need to better coordinate  the GHA’s Mental Health Services. Triaging crisis calls through 111 will immediately improve  access to the most appropriate services in any given situation in a way that is simple and easy  for the service user. 

“I am grateful to the GHA professionals to have set this up this change and they have been  undergoing training for several weeks to ensure that this extremely important service runs  smoothly once launched. 

“The GHA’s mental health services are undergoing a transformation and this is one example  of many things that are being improved. This change was prioritised because it is was  fundamentally important to ensure that those who need quick access to mental health  services receive it”.