Princess Royal Medical Centre Hosts Life Support Training

Last week the Princess Royal Medical Centre (PRMC) at Devils Tower Camp hosted a visiting resuscitation training team from Brighton and Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust.

The training team put the PRMC through their paces with a combined Adult and Paediatric Intermediate Life Support training package.

The training involved engaging in a range of lectures, skills stations and simulated practical examinations that displayed both teamwork and clinical leadership in managing acutely unwell patients in a clinical settling, and culminated in a suite of practical examinations in order to complete the course.

An MOD spokesperson said: “With a 100% pass rate seen, this training has been a great way to update Team PRMC with current Resuscitation Council guidance.

“It also allowed us to hone our acute care skills as a team within our working environment, consolidate our learning and invest in our own professional development.”