GDP Speak To Schoolchildren As Part Of Road Safety Week

As part of Road Safety Week, the Gibraltar Defence Police have been conducting talks with British Forces school children.

The GDP visited the children’s clubs at Four corners and St. Christopher’s School where they focused on raising awareness on the safe use of bicycles and scooters.

Sergeant Dylan Borastero teamed up with Sergeant Dina Laoudy and Sergeant Kimberly Martinez to actively engage with the young community at Four Corners promoting road traffic safety principles as well as enhancing of the importance of being aware of vehicles on the road and how to safely use bicycles and scooters.

Sergeant Dylan Borastero said: “There are many young children who are unaware of the dangers they may be exposed to whilst riding their bicycles and scooters. We strongly urge parents to ensure that their children are aware of the dangers of unsafe riding, that bicycles and scooters are in a safe condition and that high visibility clothing and protective gear is worn whilst riding.”

At the end of the school visit, the children were presented with a Bicycle Safety Certificate.