St Christopher’s Pupils Visit HMS Dragon

The Foundation Stage 2 children at St. Christopher’s Early Years Foundation School were lucky enough to be given an opportunity to visit HMS Dragon when she visited Gibraltar recently.

Having just appeared on the big screen in James Bond, HMS Dragon provided the perfect venue for what turned out to be an action-packed adventure. The children had opportunities to find out more about the wide range of roles and equipment on board and to get hands-on with some very special activities. From sitting in the Captain’s chair to working on their firefighting skills using hoses, the children were fascinated by all that they saw. They even used binoculars to try and spot their school from on board!

The children (and adults!) had to master the very tricky skill of navigating the rather challenging ladders. The crew were fantastic at answering the many and varied questions that pop into the minds of four- and five-year-olds and provided the children with a truly memorable experience.

Vicky Stephens, St Christopher’s Early Years Foundation Stage Leader, said: “It was brilliant to be able to provide an insight into the world in which some of their parents work.”