Busy Schedule For Gibraltar Fire And Rescue Service

The Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service’s training schedule has been slowly returning to some form of normality, after being seriously disrupted by the COVID-19  Pandemic. 

A statement from Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service follows below:

Like most organisations, the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service’s training schedule, has been  slowly returning to some form of normality, after being seriously disrupted by the COVID-19  Pandemic.  

As soon as restrictions allowed, personnel were engaged in both local and overseas training  events, resulting in a busy schedule of late: 


Incident Command Course – ICL3 

Station Officers Jason Mesilio and Adrian McComb completed the Advanced Tactical Incident  Command course (ICL 3) at the Fire Service College (FSC) in Moreton-In-Marsh,  Gloucestershire, UK. 

The course provides delegates with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding, to  perform advanced tactical incident commander duties when managing larger and more  serious incidents. 


Tactical Ventilation Instructor Course 

Also at The Fire Service College, Sub/Officer Jared Olivero and Leading Fire Fighter Martin  Posso, together with colleagues from the Airport Fire and Rescue Service, attended Tactical  Ventilation Instructor’s Course, 

This course encapsulated “modern” firefighting techniques, whereby fires and products of  combustion are mechanically and/or naturally managed, in order to create less arduous  environments for fire fighters and survivable conditions for trapped occupants. 


H.M. Naval Base Exercise – H.M.S Dragon 

Closer to home, personnel took part in an exercise on board H.M.S Dragon. Simulating a fire  on board the vessel, GFRS personnel, assisted by the vessel’s crew, conducted “search and  rescue” and firefighting operations. This provided an excellent opportunity to test various  aspects of our response, including JESIP interoperability principles.


A Time to Remember 

A wreath was laid to commemorate the armistice and to honour The Fallen. Station Officer  Jason Mesilio, proudly represented the GFRS at both events. 

The Minister with responsibility for Fire and Rescue Services, the Hon Samantha Sacramento,  also added “Training enables firefighters to learn new skills and techniques in order to make  their jobs safer. Training days such as these keep firefighters active and engaged in this  important field of work. It serves so many purposes that it is imperative for all firefighters to  undertake as many courses and training events as possible to strengthen the capabilities of  our Fire Service”.