GFSB Business Podcast - Sir Joe Bossano

The GFSB Business Podcast recently interviewed Sir Joe Bossano. 

A statement from the GFSB follows below:

Sir Joe Bossano warns Gibraltar’s private sector about a potential drop in purchasing power and says the biggest challenge facing the planet is consumerism. Speaking to host David Revagliatte during an interview for the GFSB Business Podcast, he warns, “The business community has to understand, that, by definition, there may be less purchasing power from the public sector”. 

Sir Joe’s interview is the last of six episodes in the second season of the GFSB’s Business Podcast. In it, he looks back on some of the key moments that transformed Gibraltar's economy during the 80s and 90s including its telecommunications upgrade and land reclamation projects. An economist by trade and an astute negotiator, Sir Joe provides candid insight into how he negotiated the initiatives that shaped how business is done on the Rock. 

The GFSB, which stands for the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses, launched its podcast last September and has enjoyed a positive response locally. The GFSB Business podcast is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn Radio and Google Podcasts.