Best Reserve Soldier Awarded

Last Thursday, Royal Gibraltar Regiment B Company’s Private (Pte) Bouhaltit was presented the Best Reserve Solider of the year for 2022.

The assessment is made over the calendar year to capture key training such as Exercise Jebel Tarik, Exercise Calpe Keys, Ceremonial Duties and Mandatory Annual Training Tests.

During 2022, Pte Bouhaltit had shown an enormous amount of commitment to the platoon and company and at one point was the only Annual Combat Marksmanship Test qualified soldier.

Battalion Second in Command, Major John Pitto MBE, said: “The last time a soldier was awarded the title of Best Soldier was 4 years ago. The platoon Sergeant and I were therefore very keen to bring this back as it provides an opportunity to recognise individuals from the platoon for their hard work and effort over the year of training.

Pte Bouhaltit puts the Company and training before his other commitments, including his 5 other jobs, but more noticeably, he always gives 100% effort in any training that is undertaken.”