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Man Sentenced For Dangerous Driving And Failing To Stop

A local man was fined £100 for riding his motorcycle at almost double the speed limit and failing to stop for police officers. 

A statement from the RGP follows below:

Jesse Mauro, 18, of South Barrack Road, pleaded guilty to Dangerous Driving and Failing to  Stop and was sentenced at the Magistrates’ Court last Friday. 

He received the £100 fine for Dangerous Driving and received No Separate Penalty for  Failing to Stop. 

The court heard that on the evening of Wednesday 21 September last year, two police  officers were carrying out speed checks on traffic travelling south along Line Wall Road at  the bus stop by Cathedral Square. 

At 8:50pm, officers clocked Mauro riding at 58kph with a passenger on the back of his  Honda PCX motorcycle (the speed limit is 30kph). 

Despite stepping into the road and shouting “Stop!” Mauro swerved around the officers and  accelerated away. 

Officers noted the registration of the vehicle and 20 minutes they turned up at his home  address, where they found the apologetic teenager and his motorcycle. 

He was then reported for the two offences.