Fire Safety Officer Completes Fire Auditors Course

Leading Fire-fighter Shane Brown has successfully completed the Fire Auditors Course from  the UK Fire Service College. 

A statement from the GFRS follows below:

This is a Level 3 Certificate comprising of six units to support the  development and accreditation of Fire Safety Officers. Units covered included:  

  • Identifying and reporting hazards and risks associated with fire in simple premises 
  • Assessing risks associated with fire in simple premises  
  • Ensuring measures are in place to protect people from fire in simple premises 
  • Reviewing matters relating to fire protection systems in simple premises 
  • Planning and gathering evidence for the purpose of fire safety regulation in simple  premises  
  • Visiting premises for the purpose of fire safety regulation.  

With the ever-increasing challenges and demands in fire safety, this course provides L/ff  Brown with a great foundation to identify and assess risks in different buildings and events  and apply the necessary preventive and protective measures. This is in addition to other roles  and responsibilities in the field of Fire Investigation and Command Support.