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Enhancements to GHA telephone system

The Gibraltar Health Authority, following concerns expressed to the Minister for Health, has modified its telephone system to allow for phone calls to be specifically identified by the receiver. 

Until recently, all phone calls received from St Bernard’s Hospital would show the generic switchboard number of 200 72266. Phone calls will now show the specific departmental, clinic or ward number, allowing service users to identify them and to return the call if necessary. 

The GHA Director General, Kevin McGee, said: “Introducing this change to our telephone system has not been easy and has required great technical and professional input. I would like to thank everyone involved in this for their work which, ultimately, is in the interest of all our service users.’ 

Minister Arias-Vasquez, said: “The enhancements we have made to the GHA telephone system reflect our commitment to addressing the concerns raised by our community. Now, with individualised caller identification, service users can have confidence in knowing exactly which ward or clinic is reaching out to them and are able to return the call should they miss it. I would like to thank all those involved for their dedication and technical expertise, as this improvement is a testament to our focus on delivering the best possible experience at the GHA for our valued service users."