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Principal Auditor’s Report Should Not Be Utilised To Undermine Decent Terms And Conditions In The Public Sector Says Unite

Unite the Union Gibraltar have issued a statement following the findings of the Principal Auditor’s Report and have called for the report to not be “utilised to undermine decent terms and conditions in the Public Sector”.

A statement from Unite the Union follows below:

The commentary from within the report has the potential to be damaging to the public sector and those working in the sector who dedicate themselves to public service, particularly with comments around the level of allowances paid as “extremely high”.


Stuart Davies, National Officer for Unite Gibraltar stated: “There has understandably been much interest in the Principal Auditor’s report which is reflected in the media coverage of the report findings. There has been reporting of exceptional issues; however what we should not lose sight of is that allowances form an important element of decent terms and conditions of employment.


“It is interesting that the findings of the report regarding allowances found that the highest allowances were paid in senior Government roles; however there is a lack of context in respect of rank and file public sector workers. Allowances are paid for a host of reasons to reflect unsocial hours of work, specific skills and expertise, as well as difficult or dangerous working conditions. That shift disturbance is reported as the most commonly paid allowance is no surprise and it is wholly appropriate that workers are remunerated for working unsocial hours, whether nights and weekends or working patterns that do not follow the traditional Monday to Friday cycle.


“The allowances that are received by workers are part of renumeration package taking these other key elements into account, it should also be noted that these allowances are negotiated between the unions and HMGOG, often enshrined in long-standing, collective agreements that govern the terms and conditions, as well as working practices of our membersemployed in the public sector. Whilst the Principal Auditor may wish to highlight exceptional issues in his report, Unite makes no apology for seeking to negotiate good terms and conditions of employment for members, including allowances that reflect the work and working patterns undertaken. Government should also defend the agreements that it has negotiated and made with unions, along with the additional renumeration that rank and file public sector workers receive”.