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Police Hedgehog Sonic - Too Cute To Handle

During the early hours of Saturday morning, officers from the Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) Dog Section, Police Constable (PC) 58 Nicholas Ward and Police Constable 29 Jonathan Sodi, were patrolling the Airfield Civilian Apron when their canine companions, Police Dog (PD) Tina and Police Dog Oscar, became highly interested and started barking at what appeared to be a small bush of grass. 

Upon closer inspection, the officers discovered it was a hedgehog, who was affectionately named Police Hedgehog (PH) Sonic for the night. 

After initially resisting arrest, duty Patrol Sergeant (Sgt) Gomez was able to capture PH Sonic and convey him back to Northgate House, HM Naval Base, where he was placed in the cells while the officers contacted the environmental authorities. 

Once PH Sonic had calmed down, duty Sgt’s Gomez and Cabezutto showed him around the GDP Headquarters, keeping him entertained, until eventually, PH Sonic was picked up and is now in safe hands at the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park.