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Ministry Hosts Para Sports Taster Day, Setting The Stage For Future Family And Corporate Event

The Ministry of Employment, Equality, Culture and Tourism successfully hosted a Para Sports Taster Day on Thursday, July 4th, 2024. The event saw active participation from the Ministry’s staff, as well as colleagues from the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority (GSLA). This initiative aims to pave the way for a Para Sports Family and Corporate Day scheduled for September 2024. 

A statement from the Government follows below:

The taster day provided participants with the unique opportunity to engage in adaptive  sports, namely wheelchair basketball. 

This hands-on experience was designed to offer an authentic understanding of the challenges faced  by individuals with disabilities and provided the participants with an impactful insight into the  complexities of using a wheelchair in dynamic and demanding settings, where they had to manage  various factors simultaneously. 

Attendees had the privilege of training alongside an experienced Para Athlete, showcasing the  remarkable strength and resilience that can accompany disability. 

The event underscored the message that Para Sports are not exclusively for persons with  disabilities but are inclusive activities that can benefit individuals of all ability levels. 

“The Para Sports Taster Day was an enlightening experience for all involved," stated the Minister  for Employment, Equality, Culture and Tourism, the Hon Christian Santos. 

"It highlighted the extraordinary capabilities of Para Athletes and demonstrated the inclusive and  empowering nature of adaptive sports. We are enthusiastic about building on this success as we  prepare for our Para Sports Family and Corporate Day in September."