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Intimidating Behaviour At Camp Bay Pool

The Department of Environment notes that this weekend, behaviour from some members of the public at the larger pool at Camp Bay, has resulted in Lifeguards having to close the pool for limited periods in order to maintain the safety standards required for public use of the pool.

A statement from the Government follows below:

The Government has invested a lot of time and money in the training and employment of all  lifeguards up to the most professional standards ever. Furthermore, daily risk assessments are  made by our highly trained Lifeguard Supervisors to ensure the safe bathing of our community  during the summer months. This also includes the rules set up for the safe use of the pools. 

The public is reminded that these pools are for the enjoyment of all. The pool rules, clearly indicated  at the entrance, have been established to safeguard all pool users and especially the very young and  the elderly, who at times may find it difficult to bathe in the sea.  

The Department of Environment would like to make it clear that it will not tolerate abusive  behaviour from youths, their parents or any individual towards the pool lifeguards or any other  member of staff and it will take any appropriate measure to combat this.  

To be clear, Lifeguards are instructed to close any pool when they may determine that safety of the  pool users is compromised. Furthermore, Lifeguards can, at their discretion, stop anybody found  flouting the pool rules and endangering other pool users, from entering the pool for the rest of the  day. 

The Department of Environment would like to thank the Royal Gibraltar Police for their assistance  last Friday when at one point the pool lifeguards were mobbed by a group of youths and some  parents. Unfortunately, the unruly behaviour of a few had a detrimental effect on the majority of  the law-abiding general public, who have inevitably suffered the consequences.