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Feb 21 - Customs Expands Computer System

customsLast year, Her Majesty’s Customs Gibraltar launched the Automated System for Customs Data Yacht Portal which has effectively managed the electronic clearance of over 700 pleasure craft and 5000 passengers and crew over the past three months.

As Customs’ next step into advancing their technology, they will introduce a simplified procedure for the collection of import duty for personal imports, initially at the Parcel Post Depot and Four Corners Station, with other out-stations to follow.

The ASYCUDA World interface allows for a streamlined clearance of imports and exports which will enhance operations at all entry and exit points and result in a more efficient and swift clearance procedure for the trade and general public.

HM Customs will also be introducing an electronic version of the new ASYCUDA Single Administrative Document (Customs declaration) for the purpose of clearing commercial goods in transit which will further facilitate this process for all stakeholders.

Under the ASYCUDA World implementation programme, an electronic application for Export Licenses will also be introduced which will substitute the current hard-copy forms and further improve the procedure for those concerned in the export of goods.

The commercial transit and export licensing modules require stakeholders to register with ASYCUDA by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Training will be provided to registered businesses and other approved stakeholders from the 27th February. The modules will be rolled out upon completion of the training.

A further announcement regarding the implementation of the Imports & Exports module will be made soon. For the avoidance of any doubt, this procedure will not require stakeholders to open a bank account at the Gibraltar Savings Bank, as some traders have erroneously been led to believe.