May 20 - ERG Chairman Thanks Gibraltar and Supporters

ggrlogoFollowing the celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) recently in Gibraltar, the Chairman of the Equality Rights Group GGR, Felix Alvarez, has expressed his “deep gratitude” to “Gibraltar as a whole – and to all the supporters past and present who have made progress a very present reality.”

Mr Alvarez specifically mentioned the loyal support of Charles Trico, Secretary to the Group. He said: “Not only did Charles have the courage, way before GGR existed, to openly come out publicly and speak freely on LGB issues in our country, Charles to me, personally, has been a veritable pillar of support. Without him, the long years of difficulties would have been that much more difficult to take. I owe an inexpressible debt of gratitude to him.”

He added that many individuals who had served on the Executive Committee of the group throughout its 13 years, also merited a significant mention. “All of them – without exception,” he said, “have contributed with their ideas, their enthusiasm, and their resolve to work towards equality. They know who they all are – past and present – but I want them all to know I owe them a deep debt and I shall always be grateful to them.”

Mr Alvarez also praised the planning behind the recent IDAHO event especially the work of Stuart Pratts (one of the earliest GGR members) who “despite difficult circumstances, gave exemplary support at the planning, organisational and operational stages.”

Similarly, he thanked Becky Dean for providing unquestioning support at a minute’s notice on several occasions, stressing that he was “sincerely indebted to her.”

He concluded his message by saying that: “Whilst, as Chairman, I am clearly the visible face of the group, without all the individuals who have given of their time and energies, very little could have been accomplished. If nothing else, because their support and participation have been the inspiration, energy and motivation which have driven Equality forward throughout.”