June 13 - Unite Working Relationships Course

uuAs part of an ongoing programme to equip union representatives with the necessary skills to represent members, Unite the Union is organising an innovated two part course on improving working relationships especially collective bargaining between employers and trade unions.  This innovated programme will be in two stages.

The first stage, which is happening today, will allow the trade union reps who are participating to consider what their role will be in helping to improve the working relationship they have with employers in the Official and Private Sector.  Today’s programme will be followed by joint conference hosted by Unite the Union and the Gibraltar Government in September which will bring the Government, key employers in the Private Sector and trade unions to consider how they can work together for their mutual benefit.

Victor Ochello said: “This exciting development is the first time that this has been undertaken in Gibraltar and we are confident that this will pave the way to improve the working relationships between the official employers, employers in the Private Sector and trade unions”.