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Justin Hewitt Wins Darts Qualifier 1

The GDA Rankings started on Tuesday with a great darting atmosphere. After a long wait, everyone was excited to resume the darting season, with the pandemic affecting all sports around the world. 

Results as from:-

Last 16

Dyson Parody 4 v  2 Casey Dyer

Harry Parody 4 v 2 Luke Pearce

Craig Galliano 4 v 2 Nico Bado

Alan Kimberly 4 v 3 David Francis

Sean Negrette 4 v 2 Dayle Ramirez

Justin Hewitt 4 v 0 Joseph Ward

Justin Broton 4 v 3 Juan Carlos Muñoz 

Kean Olivero 4 V 3 Dylan Duo


Last 8


Dyson Parody 4 v 0 Harry Parody

Justin Broton 4 v 0 Kean Olivero

Alan Kimberly 4 v 3 Craig Galliano

Justin Hewiit 4  v 3  Sean Negrette


Semi Finals


Dyson Parody 5 v 2 Justin Broton 

Justin Hewitt 5 v 2 Alan Kimberly 



Justin Hewitt 6 v 2 Dyson Parody 


Congratulations Justin Hewitt on claiming the 1st ranking tournament of the season.


Commiserations to Dyson Parody.




Justin Hewitt x8

Dyson Parody x7

Juan Carlos Muñoz x2

Justin Broton x1

Nico Bado x1

Casey Dyer x1

Craig Galliano x1


Ton Plus Finishes


Justin Broton 117

Justin Hewitt 110

Luke Pearce 104