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Craig Galliano And Justin Hewitt Secure Top Spots In New Season Rankings

Craig Galliano and Justin Hewitt secure top spots in new season rankings.

A statement from the GDA follows below

In an impressive display of skill and determination, Craig Galliano and Justin Hewitt emerged triumphant, claiming the coveted first and second rankings, respectively, in the new season.

Craig Galliano showcased exceptional prowess to secure the top spot. In the fiercely contested battles of Ranking No. 1, Craig triumphed over formidable opponents, including Ethan Pulham, Justin Broton, Nico Bado, and Dyson Parody, ultimately clinching the well-deserved title.

Equally impressive was Justin Hewitt's performance in Ranking No. 2. Facing tough competition, Justin emerged victorious against Dayle Ramirez, Nico Bado, Dyson Parody, and Juan Carlos Munoz.

After Ranking 2, Justin is at the top of the ranking table.

Both players exhibited outstanding skills and strategic brilliance throughout their victories, setting the stage for an exciting and competitive season ahead.