• Man Given Suspended Sentences For Several Sexual Offences Involving Children

Jun 4 - Ocean Village Flotilla - Captain's Briefing is now on

Jun 04 - Ocean Villa Flotilla Captains BriefingOcean Village's Diamond Jubilee Flotilla's Captain's Briefing is under way now. Addressing the Captains is Ros Astengo, event organiser, Greg Butcher, owner of Ocean Village and the Royal Gibraltar Police.

Minister for Culture, the Hon Mr Linares is attending the event. Minister Linares will be setting the flotilla off by sounding the official horn. The 115 boats will start to move off and in formation will sail around Gibraltar from Ocean Village, round to the Eastern Side, where they will turn around near Catalan Bay and then come back to Ocean Village.

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Jun 4 - Ocean Village Flotilla - Captain's Briefing

Ocean Village Diamond Jubilee Flotilla Captains Briefing

It’s just gone 10:00am and YGTV are down in Ocean Village from where the Jubilee Flotilla will be departing at around midday. So far there is a large congregation of seafaring folk outside O’Reilley’s enjoying a Captains’ Breakfast to get energy levels up before the official Captains’ Briefing.
There is a definite buzz in the air and the excitement is palpable. Stay tuned throughout the day for regular updates, photos and footage from this Special Jubilee Celebration.

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Crime Report For 31st May 2012

RGP Crime ReportRGP Media Report 39

From the hour of 07:00 on the 31st May, to 07:00 on the 1st June, the following occurred:


1 Person arrested for Possession of a Commercial Quantity of Cigarettes

1 Person arrested for Obstructing Police Drugs Misuse Act

2 Person arrested for Possession of a Controlled Drug

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