Cancer Relief Launches Wedding Pins Fundraising Initiative

Cancer Relief has launched a wedding pins fundraising initiative.

A spokesperson explained: “We are frequently asked about how people can fundraise or donate, and we are always trying to come up with new and unique ways to offer the people of Gibraltar. With the increasing popularity of including charitable donations in special events and the fantastic giving spirit in our community, we are excited to present our new, exclusively designed wedding favours! These beautiful pin badges have been specifically designed as wedding favours by our remote volunteer Elisa Mackenzie, who is based in Scotland, we are very proud of them. They are individually available for mix and match, come supplied with a table place-card with space to write names and a thank you from Cancer Relief for your donation. The sale of these beautiful pins goes directly towards continuing to provide all the services the charity currently offers. To find out more about our current services, visit our website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page for details.

“While we have had wedding parties use our general charity Cancer Relief pins as favours in the past, increasing interest encouraged us to look at making the idea a bit more special, as a wedding celebration deserves.  When this project was in its infancy, the charity was approached by Janieve and Ben Hawkins who were keen to include Cancer Relief in their wedding. We decided to ask them to help us in piloting this new project and they happily agreed. As the beautiful photos show, the day was as special as they hoped it would be and our pin badges were received very positively on the wedding tables. The charity would like to extend a special thanks to Janieve and Ben for trusting us to take part in their wedding.

“Now available at the Centre, if you are interested in ordering these pins for your wedding, or would like to inquire about the options, just the give the Cancer Relief Fundraising Team a call at the Centre on 20042392 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to being part of your big day!”

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