• Chief Minister's Statement - Monday 13th July
  • Chief Minister's Statement - Monday 13th July

    Below follows the Chief Minister's statement from this morning’s press conference:

    Good morning and welcome once again to No6 Convent Place for our weekly now COVID press conferences. 


    This morning, I am going to give you a full update on the number of active cases and on the number of tests for COVID-19 carried out in our community to date.  

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Crime Report For 02nd May 2012

Gibraltar Crime ReportRGP Media Report 18

From the hour of 07:00 on the 2nd May, to 07:00 on the 3rd May, the following occurred:


2 Persons arrested for Assault

1 Persons arrested for Possession of cigarettes in a commercial quantity

Crime Reports:

2 Reports of Assault             

2 Reports of Causing damage

Traffic Accidents:

During the period covered 1 traffic accident was reported to Police.


4 warrants for non-payment of fines were executed.

7 warrants for non-appearance were executed.