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Crime Report For Weekend Ending 18 June 2012

Gibraltar Crime ReportWeekend RGP Media Report

From the hour of 07:00 on the 15th June, to 07:00 on the 19th June, the following occurred:



1 Persons arrested for Abstracting electricity

1 Person arrested for Drunk & Disorderly

2 Person arrested for Theft

4 Person arrested for Assault

1 Person arrested for Making a Disturbance

1 Person arrested for Burglary

2 Person arrested for Driving whilst over the Prescribed Limit

1 Person arrested for Possession of a commercial Quantity of Tobacco

1 Person arrested for Indecent behaviour whilst drunk

2 Persons arrested for Obstructing police

2 Persons arrested for Possession of a Controlled Drug


Crime Reports:

1 Report of Insulting words

2 Reports of Threatening Words

3 Report of Theft

5 Reports of Assault

1 Report of Burglary

4 Report of Causing damage

1 Report of Improper use of Public Electronic Communications


Traffic Accidents:

During the period covered 9 traffic accidents were reported to Police.



2 Warrants executed on strength of Failing to Appear

2 person arrested on the strength of a warrant for non-payment.