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Dec 05 - Man Arrested For Drug Offences In Moorish Castle Estate

A 31-year-old Spanish national, Luis Adrian Garcia Beltran, was arrested yesterday lunch time in the area of Moorish Castle Estate by uniformed officers of the RGPs Operations Division for drug-related offences.

The officers were engaged in a routine patrol of the estate when they challenged Garcia Beltran and found him in possession of approximately 43 grams of Cannabis Resin and 33 grams of a preparation containing Cocaine.

Garcia Beltran has been charged with:

Possession of a Controlled Class A drug

Possession with intent to supply a Controlled Class A drug

Possession of Controlled Class B Drug

Possession with Intent to supply a Controlled Class B drug.

Garcia Beltran was refused bail and was detained overnight in Police custody pending his appearance before the Magistrates’ Court this morning.