18th Gibraltar International Dance Festival

M.O. Productions are busy organising the 18th edition of the Gibraltar International Dance Festival. The event takes place between Wednesday 19th and Saturday 22nd February at the John Mackintosh Hall Theatre.

Produced by Seamus Byrne and Alfred Rumbo the Festival is accredited by the British Federation of Festivals for Music Dance & Speech. 224 dancers from England, Gibraltar and Spain will be taking part in nine sessions of dance.

The international festival features the Ministry of Culture as main sponsor. Other supporters of the festival include Argus and Gibtelecom.

The official timetable of the 18th Gibraltar International Dance Festival 2020 is as follows:

Wednesday 19th February

7pm Session 1                                              9pm Session 2

Children and Junior Large Groups                        Duets

Flamenco Duets                                           Adult Large Groups

Thursday 20th February

7pm Session 3                                                9pm Session 4

Flamenco Solos                                             Contemporary Solos

Jazz Solos                                          

Friday 21st February

7pm Session 5                                              9pm Session 6

Mini Kids Solos                                              Junior Acro Solos   

Classical Solos                                              Tap Solos

Children Acro Solos                                      Show Dance Solos

Saturday 23rd February

10am Session 7                                            12 noon Session 8

Contemporary Improvisations                     Stage Improvisations

Disco Solos                                                    Hip Hop Solos

Saturday 23rd February

 7.30pm GALA

Small Groups

Bursary Final

Tickets for the Festival priced at £5 per session and £15 for the Gala Night are on sale as from Friday 7th February 2020 at www.buytickets.gi