Mar 05 - Gibraltar Regiment Potential Officers Weekend

officers weekendSaturday morning saw 12 aspiring Gibraltar Regiment Officers take the chance to experience first hand, the trials that they would come across were they to join the Regiment as an Officer.

The weekend was crammed with activities aimed at giving a snapshot of life as an Officer in the RG including intelligence tests, personal presentations, command tasks, fitness tests and a taste of Regimental life at a formal Regimental Dinner.

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Mar 05 - Gibraltar Spring Festival Competitions

governmentAs part of the Gibraltar Spring Festival, the Ministry for Culture are hosting a series of competitions. The annual logo competition is open to persons of all ages, with the deadline for entries on Friday 15th March.

Individuals may submit up to two original works. Entries must be submitted on A4 paper or card, indicating whether the orientation is ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’. Logos should be simple in design and suitable for printing on posters, flyers, tickets or other promotional material and must contain the wording: ‘GIBRALTAR SPRING FESTIVAL 2013’

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Mar 04 - Government Insists GSD Subsidised Therapies Approach is ‘Inconsiderate’

ghaIn response to the GSD’s recent statement calling on the administration to confirm its position on therapies subsidised by the GHA, a Government statement has claimed that the party is seriously lacking in experienced MPs on the front bench and has scored another own goal.

A statement goes on to note, ‘In questioning the aim of the Government to provide additional services, the GSD takes a dog in the manger approach and suggests that when it comes to such services, it must be all or nothing. This clearly indicates that the GSD would wish to deprive all those benefiting from oxygen therapy and using NaPro technology just because the Government does not offer every possible form of alternative treatment. What a narrow-minded and inconsiderate approach from Mrs Ellul-Hammond.

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Mar 04 - Kusuma Trust to Sponsor Stage Dance Festival

kusuma trustThe main sponsor for the 11th edition of the Gibraltar Stage Dance Festival is the Kusuma Trust, once again. The event is set to take place between the 3rd and 5th April 2013 at the John Mackintosh Hall.

Commenting on the matter, a Kusuma Trust spokesman noted, ‘the International Gibraltar Stage Dance Festival is an educational, cultural and social experience and a platform for young people to showcase their work. It is a pleasure to support the work been produced locally by M.O. Productions in providing these opportunities for our local dancers.’

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Mar 04 - Gib Company Attends Lotus Charity Evening in London

lotus eventOn the 27 February the Europa Trust Company Ltd was invited by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund to send a representative to the Lotus cars “Future for Children Initiative.” at the Regent Street Lotus store in London.

The company is a proud supporter of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and at the event, Aslam Farikullah COO of Group Lotus Plc, announced that they too would be supporters of the charity and that 25% of purchases made during their initiative would go towards the Children’s Fund originally set up by President Mandela in 1994.

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Mar 01 - Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home Project Scrapped for Complete Restructure

homeBy mid April, the full designs for a complete re structure of the proposed Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home at the former Royal Naval Hospital, are expected to be completed. The former Administration had originally planned for a 66-bed project, which would be made up of 58 beds in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia unit and 8 beds in a separate unit for disabled patients. The project was revised and the Unit was set to include a further 22 beds. At this point the former administration was advised against the idea as it went against UK regulations and the plan dropped to 80 beds.

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