• Weather Advisory Issued - Heavy Rain
  • Weather Advisory Issued - Heavy Rain

    The Government, in collaboration with MeteoGib, has issued a Weather Advisory warning as showers will continue to affect Gibraltar at times during today and through in to the overnight period, heavy at times with the risk of isolated thundery downpours and some hail possible. There is a chance that rain accumulations could reach 25mm within a 6 hour period.

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Maharaja - A taste of India

In Sanskrit, the word Maharaja means “Great King”. It is the title bestowed on the rulers of small states during the British colonisation of India. This appellation was never more fitting a title for a restaurant that quietly and unassumingly rules its own small corner of the marketplace in the former British Colony, now British Overseas Dependent Territory, of Gibraltar.

Any fan of Indian cuisine will find an extensive selection of dishes lining the Maharaja’s menu, including a range of specials and alluring dishes found in and amongst the usual favourites. When looking for a restaurant in Gibraltar with a bit of spice, the Maharaja is the little bit of nice that you desire.

In a city where curry houses are mostly just Indian Takeaways, the Maharaja sets itself apart not only by the quality of its cuisine but, more importantly, by the comfortable and friendly surroundings of its clean and airy restaurants. In fact, the Maharaja is the only ‘real’ Indian restaurant in Gibraltar, amidst a sea of takeaways with limited dining areas. The jewel in the Maharaja’s crown, however, is that they have two restaurants situated in two very different locations around Gibraltar; one just off Main Street (Tuckey’s Lane), in the centre of town, and the other in the more attractive quayside location of Queensway Quay Marina.

There are of course favourable qualities to both. The Main Street premises are convenient and central, catering predominantly for the lunchtime crowd and local business folk. The Queensway Quay Marina location is perhaps the more elegant of the two restaurants, providing exceptional marina views, access to the quayside promenade and breath-taking evening sunsets to be enjoyed over a glass of wine or Indian beer with dinner.

The food is consistently good, and although it’s not exactly Haute Cuisine, it certainly gives your taste buds a workout. Portions at the Maharaja are fairly large and definitely satisfying, with all dishes cooked to order. Staff at the Maharaja are pleasant, friendly and helpful, combining well with the quality cuisine to provide diners with the recipe for a delicious night out. Orders are quickly taken, advice is happily dispensed and dishes are promptly delivered to your table.

However, the Maharaja is not only characterised by the quality of its food and service. Perhaps most pleasing is its value for money. Dishes are reasonably priced considering the quantity and quality of the food presented, making this restaurant one of Gibraltar’s favourites.

All in all, this restaurant works hard to highlight some of the best qualities of Gibraltar’s multinational cuisine. Being such a melting pot of different nationalities in such a small place, Gibraltar is able to serve up a wide range of international dishes, and the Maharaja leads the way in Indian cuisine.