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Gaucho’s – A Meat Lover’s Heaven

Gaucho’s – an Argentinian grill restaurant by Market Place – has been serving quality food to diners for a good number of years now. When visiting, you can choose to dine either in the cosy, cavern-like interior or, during the summer months, in the outside BBQ area that often has live music.

Although it is primarily a meat restaurant specializing in fat, juicy steaks, Gacuho’s also caters for those who might not be too keen on an exclusively carnivorous outing – their selection of fresh fish, prawns and inventive salads is impressive too.

Another high point is the extensive wine list which includes many Argentinian reds, the perfect accompaniment to wash down that mixed grill.

The service is efficient and attentive. The Gaucho’s staff are very knowledgeable about the different dishes and the best wine match and will ensure your steak is cooked to your requirements. If you feel your steak is still on the rare side, don’t worry – Gaucho’s provide a tremendously hot stone on which to cook it those extra few seconds.  

When you first sit down, you’re given some herb-infused olives to accompany your drink. One mouthful of these tiny treats and you know you’re in for something very special. Highly recommended are the provolone starter (an earthenware dish filled with melted cheese with chopped onions and peppers) and the T-Bone steak (a huge hunk of meat – not for the faint-hearted!). Desserts - if you’re still hungry, that is - are a solid selection of standards such as cheesecake.

Gaucho’s is a great restaurant to bring along a large group of friends as it means you’ll be able to sample all the meats available. The menu and the quality of the dishes encourage groups to share and you’ll find yourself leaning across the table to steal your friend’s garlic bread or grilled pork while he’s not looking.

The prices, when you consider the amount of quality meat you get on your plate, are very reasonable. Just remember: the servings are huge – be careful not to order more than you can eat.

So give Gaucho’s a go – I did, once, and have been hooked since!