May 17 - Government: "The Opposition Should Be The Last People To Point Fingers"

The Government says it deeply regrets that the Opposition continues to "play" politics with Brexit.

A statement from the Government follows below:

In their latest response they have done little more than shift the goalposts once they have run out of arguments.

The point is that there have been meetings of Parliament in spite of Brexit, the Opposition have had the opportunity to ask questions in spite of Brexit and that legislation has continued to be tabled despite Brexit. Parliament has continued to function.

Indeed, as already made clear, Parliament has met ten times this year with three opportunities to ask questions.

Moreover, what the Opposition do not seem to understand this that the United Kingdom and DA’s have hundreds of officials working on a possible EU exit. However, because the competences of Gibraltar practically match those of a nation state, and are greater than those of the Devolved Administrations, it means that we generate even more work for the comparatively more limited resources that we logically have.

The Government is not surprised that the Opposition do not want to be reminded of their poor record in Government. Some of their existing MPs probably did not even know that two or three meetings of Parliament A YEAR was the norm in their time.

It is clear that they are embarrassed by their track record of 12 meetings in a whole electoral term from 2007 to 2011. This Government changed all that and held 33 meetings in the electoral term that followed.

The Opposition should be the last people to point fingers.