Johnson: “Not One Slice Of Calentita” Will Ever Be Given Up

Boris Johnson became the third UK Prime Minister to send a pre-recorded video message for the Casemates crowds during today’s National Day rally.

Mr Johnson said he looked forward to building a future with Gibraltar that was “prosperous, ambitious and, above all, united.”

Mr Johnson remarked that Gibraltar had voted to remain British over 50 years ago and had also rejected shared sovereignty - he added that, if there was one thing he knew about democracy, it was that one couldn’t “just ignore referendums in the name of political expediency.”

He reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to Gibraltar’s sovereignty: “Not one inch of rock, not one slice of calentita, not one hair on the head of a Barbary Macaque will ever be given up…”

He ended by saying that the year ahead would bring “changes and some challenges” but the relationship between the Rock and the UK was “more than up to the test.”