Independent Candidate Robert Vasquez Launches Manifesto

By Adriana Lopez

Independent candidate Robert Vasquez has officially launched his manifesto today. He is urging voters to save “One Vote for ‘Hurricane Robert’”, and reminds people that a majority of nine party members can still form government.

“My pitch is simple. Voters do not have to block vote. Gibraltar needs an independent voice in Parliament with no fear and no party agenda. Gibraltar’s democracy suffers without such a voice. So, I ask that voters split their vote and get me into Parliament, I am that individualistic and independent voice,” the independent candidate announced.

“At the start of this campaign I said I was climbing a mountain, the North Face of our Rock. Today I arrived at Base Camp. I have printed and put up all my campaign posters, now I launch my manifesto. I have the rest of the North Face to climb, but it is all done one step at a time,” Mr Vasquez added.

According to Mr Vasquez, his aim is to prevent corruption, improve democracy and increase openness and transparency. The manifesto launched today focuses on a series of areas including Brexit, Housing, Health, Environment, Transport, Public and Private Sector, among other issues.

“I will work for VOTERS. Not for any Chief Minister or any Opposition Leader. The way it should be – MPs represent you. The advantage of being an independent is that I will be able to assess the policy of the governing party and accept or criticise without the restrictions of party politics,” he declared.

He went on to add: “Corruption is a hidden and sneaky crime; it must be dealt with specifically by a specialised body acting forcefully. Additionally, reducing corruption needs openness and transparency in party funding, as well as parliamentary and electoral reform.”

In response to questions from YGTV, Mr Vasquez said he could make a difference as an individual. “What the electorate should know is that nine party members can make up government, it doesn’t have to be 10. I feel that there may well be people in each party that individual voters say ‘what’s he doing there?’ I think I can be a very strong voice to replace that person and to lead on various issues,” he argued.

“We live in a parliamentary democracy. It’s not about the ministers it’s about having a voice in parliament, and that’s what democracy is about and that is what I am about,” he concluded.  Mr Vasquez’s manifesto is available online at and