TG Questions Government’s Non-Renewal Of Dr. Bhatti’s Contract

Together Gibraltar says it has come to their attention that the person taking over from  Sohail Bhatti “is not a local individual”. 

A statement from Together Gibraltar follows below:

This casts doubt as to  the explanation given by the Government in Parliament last week that Dr Bhatti’s  contract was not renewed in order to "localise the post”. 

Furthermore, the Government presented a motion last week conferring Dr. Bhatti the  Medallion of Honour, with the Chief Minister describing him as a close personal  friend and praising his performance throughout the pandemic. If Government  considers Dr Bhatti to be worthy of such praise and accolades, then why it did not  extend the contract for 11 months? Why did it try to justify his non-renewal by saying  they wanted to localise the post while employing a non local? The Government’s  explanation for the non renewal of Dr Bhatti’s contract is simply not credible and  needs to be explained further. The government has a duty of transparency,  particularly at a time in which cases are on the rise. It is worth noting that Dr. Bhatti  himself expressed a desire to remain in post. 

Party leader Marlene Hassan Nahon said she felt vindicated for having abstained on  voting on the motion to grant Dr. Bhatti’s Medallion of Honour in light of the above  and is only Parliamentarian to have raised questions as to why Dr.Bhatti has been  publicly recognised while at the same time being removed from his post.  

There are too many contradictions and incongruences in this story that require  explanation.