Mar 14 - PDP Calls on Government to Prioritise on Power Supply

pdpThe PDP is extremely concerned with the rise in power cuts experienced over the last few weeks. The Party notes the Government’s assurances last autumn that the power supply issues, inherited from the previous administration would be resolved with the opening of the new power station at the north western end of the North Mole.

The Party insists that Tuesday’s issue further highlights the ‘inherent problems with not only the supply of energy but also of its distribution. It is clear this “temporary” measure is not providing the results this Government had promised. The GSLP/Liberals have now been in power for well over a year and seem incapable of governing without reference to their predecessors failings. Everyone in Gibraltar knows that the GSD failed in 16 years to secure a reliable modern power supply but there comes a point when this Government must stop blaming others and assume responsibility.’

The PDP added that the Government scrapped the former administration’s plans for a long term solution and seems to have failed on their promise to set up a temporary power station, with a new permanent solution set for the first quarter of this year.

The PDP statement concludes with, ‘the GSLP/Liberal Government need to focus on less spin and less blame and start to govern. In terms of priorities Gibraltar both economically and socially needs a short term and permanent solution for a regular supply of power, far more than it needs photos with Obama or honours that are acquired and the Government should remember this when spending the taxpayer’s money.’