Dec 18 - GNDT Return From World Modern & Contemporary, Ballet And Jazz Dance Championships

The Gibraltar National Dance Team (GNDT) has returned to the Rock after representing Gibraltar at the 2018 World Modern & Contemporary, Ballet and Jazz Dance Championships.  

The event was held in Hotel Ossa Congress and Spa, near Warsaw, Poland with 4000 dancers from 30 nations taking part.


The results are as follows:


Children Ballet Solo Female – 23 entries

Anna Jimenez 14th place – Quarter Final


Junior Ballet Solo Female – 26 entries

Amy Wink 17th place – Quarter Final


Children Jazz Solo Female – 34 entries

Anna Jimenez 8th place – Semi Final

Junior Jazz Solo Female – 50 entries

Faye Gomez 17th place – Quarter Final

Emma Rocca 19th place - Quarter Final

Isabella Wink 34th place - Preliminary round

Junior Jazz Duets – 34 entries

Faye Gomez and Amy Wink 12th place – Quarter Final


Junior Jazz Group – 34 entries

Gibraltar National Dance Team 9th place – Semi Final

Junior Modern & Contemporary Solo Female – 57 entries

Faye Gomez 23rd place - Quarter Final

Amy Wink 25th place - 2nd Preliminary round

Emma Rocca 44th place - 2nd Preliminary round


Junior Modern & Contemporary Group – 37 entries

Gibraltar National Dance Team 11th place – Semi Final

The official choreographers for this project were Lilian Montero and Lauren Montero, with Lillian accompanying the team at this competition.  

GNDO President Wendy Garro said: "I take this opportunity to thank Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar, all the sponsors, the Cultural Grants Committee and the donations through our fundraising programme from the public for making our participation a reality. In Poland, our dancers faced tough opposition, with many countries providing a very high level of technique and incredible high standards of pure dance. What these results do, is reinforce the high standards in the IDO, where medals and performing in finals are always hard to come by. The GNDO is delighted with the remarkable performances from the Gibraltar contingent and would like to thank the dancers and choreographers for being such great ambassadors for the Rock."