Dec 18 - NASUWT And Government Settle Discrepancy Between Salaries Of First And Middle School Teachers

Government of Gibraltar and Gibraltar NASUWT have announced that a long-standing claim based on a discrepancy between the salaries of First and Middle School teachers has been resolved.

First School Teachers are in receipt of a lower salary, which the Union considered is not in keeping with the exigencies of the role. 

Gibraltar NASUWT’s argument was that teachers in the First School Sector had been underpaid since the commencement of the Teaching and Learning allowances under the principle of equal work equal pay.

This situation led teachers in this sector to feel undervalued, more so given the crucial role they play in pupils’ formative years in Education.

A spokesperson said: "Through the positive and collaborative framework of the Social Partnership entered into by HMGOG and Gibraltar NASUWT, the relationship between both parties is growing from strength to strength, ultimately leading to such a positive outcome. On its part, HMGOG reconfirms its commitment to both First School Teachers in pursuit of their claim, and to the wider industrial relations agenda that seeks to address areas of legitimate industrial concern in Gibraltar."

The Minister for Education, Heritage, the Environment and Climate Change, Dr John Cortes said: “We have commenced a process, under the Social Partnership, of working through all outstanding claims in a renewed spirit of working together for the good of the children in Education. I am extremely pleased that we have been able to finally resolve this issue positively. We are currently embarked with Gibraltar NASUWT in reviewing a number of outstanding matters with a view to resolving quickly.”

Mr Victor Gonzalez, President of Gibraltar NASUWT stated: “As President of our Association I am proud of the work carried out by our Executive team leading to the success of this important claim and just as proud of our members in the First School Sector who have been resolute in the pursuance of this claim. A very special thanks is also owed to our Minister Dr Cortes and Michael Crome, the Industrial Relations and MOD advisor, for their continuous help and support.”