Freedom Gibraltar Hold “Anti-Discrimination” March

A march organised by Freedom Gibraltar (FG) took place on Friday evening. The group of protestors mad its way from Ocean Village, through Watergardens, into Casemates, along Main Street and down through Chatham Counterguard.

The group says that over 160 people attended carrying an array of banners demanding “equality and an end to discrimination” with the lead banner declaring: ‘NO JAB – NO JOB? NO WAY!!’.

A statement continued:

“The march was a peaceful protest to highlight the shameful restrictions aimed at those standing up for their constitutional rights and made a colourful visual impact on diners and drinkers in the bars and restaurants along the way.

“FG would like to thank all those who attended, those who sounded their horns in support and the many members of the public who approached them to congratulate and thank them for their action - in addition, the group would also like to extend their thanks to the officers of the Royal Gibraltar Police who escorted the procession and, in the true spirit of community policing, showed great cooperation with the protesters, with a positive and professional attitude – something that has been sorely missed over the last year.”

An FG spokesman said; 'Many people in Gibraltar, even those who have been vaccinated, feel strongly about their civil liberties that have been eroded to the point of destruction by the elected Government over the last year. This march highlights the disgraceful medical apartheid many have suffered, along with the ongoing bullying, intimidation, breaches of both GDPR and various sections of the Equal Opportunities Act, not to mention the behaviour of the Department of Education, who have failed in their duty of care to pupils, teachers and LSAs with the profoundly worrying new practice of 'redeploying' hitherto, exemplary staff members for standing up for their rights...', he went on to say '...despite these unconstitutional measures being taken against certain Government employees, the support from the public from both sides of the divide, has given hope that democracy isn't quite dead in Gib yet!'