Gibraltar Disability Society “Outraged” By New People’s Use Of Derogatory Language

The Gibraltar Disability Society says it is “outraged” by the use of derogatory language in the New People’s recent article. 

A statement from the Gibraltar Disability Society follows below:

The Gibraltar Disability Society is outraged by the use of the derogatory word  “retarded” in the recent New People article. 

It is disheartening to think that certain  publications are so far behind the times that it does not occur to them that, by using  such a term, it can cause a huge insult to a large percentage of our population. The  Society calls for a public apology from the Editor of New People for the offence such  language has caused. The Ministry of Equality has recently delivered staff training on  general disability awareness and disability language and etiquette, so the Disability  Society would go so far as to suggest that the Editor and Staff of this publication may  wish to consider attending such a course.