Jul 18 - The World Awaits a Royal Arrival

newsAs both the public and the international press wait with baited breath for baby Prince or Princess of Cambridge to be born into the world, it has been noted that the child’s name is un-likely to be released for at least a week following its birth.

Regardless of the child’s gender, it is set to be the third in line for the thrown following their father Prince William and Grandfather Prince Charles. Press reports claim that William and Kate do not want to know the sex of their baby before it is born.

The Queen, Prime Minister David Cameron and the Governors of each commonwealth nation will be amongst the first to know about the royal arrival. Once the baby is born, an announcement will be made by the Royal family. Information will be updated on the family’s website www.royal.gov.uk.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wish not to encourage gifts on the occasion or the birth, they instead want any generosity directed to charity.