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Dec 27 - YGTV’s Most Popular This Year – A Quick Review

Now that 2013 is drawing to a close, we thought it would be a good idea to look back at our most popular stories on our website these last 12 months. It was a record-breaking year in many respects: YGTV enjoyed more hits and shares than ever and we expanded our coverage of local stories. The unprecedented Spanish measures at the frontier, the incursions and the fishing protest dominated the headlines during what turned out to be a very busy summer for YGTV and other local media. Many stories about the queues and incursions easily hit the 2-3,000 hits mark and were widely discussed on our social media platforms but what were the top four most read stories of 2013?

Click on the titles to read these highlights of the news calendar…

1st: Accident Witness Appeal – Over 12,000 hits.

The most popular story last year was the RGP’s appeal for witnesses after the tragic accident which occurred on Friday 11th October at Europa Advance Road which resulted in the death of a young man on a motorbike.

2nd: Missing Gibraltarian Boy Last Seen in La Linea – Almost 11,000 hits.

Another appeal did almost as well – on May 28th, the RGP announced that a 12-year-old Gibraltarian boy, Francis Alman, who was reported as missing, had been spotted across the border in La Linea.

3rd: Guardia Civil Incident Video – Over 10,000 hits

A video from the Defenders of Gibraltar showing the arrest of a Gibraltarian man by the Guardia Civil was the most popular page of the summer. With over 10,000 hits, it was also the most viewed story relating to the frontier tensions.

4th: Gibraltar’s Fittest Man – Almost 8,000 hits

After all those negative stories, it was good to see that the fourth most popular feature this year was the first instalment of the hilarious “Gibraltar’s Fittest Man” series. The wacky creation of Neil and Leo Hayes, the mini-documentary tracked the training routine and explored the life wisdom of a pumped up muscle maniac.

YGTV hopes to continue in 2014 with the same energy and enthusiasm that brought you so many stories as they broke. We hope you continue to rely on us for reliable and up to date local news.

Have a happy and prosperous New Year!