Apr 04 - Europa Point Stadium Protest Group Collects Over 5000 Signatures

europa point stadium The Save Europa Point Group have released a statement regarding their petition against the proposed GFA Europa Point stadium. It reads as follows:

Over 5000 people have now signed a petition to prevent the destruction of Europa Point by the construction of a football stadium.  This petition has been organised by a group of concerned citizens known as The Save Europa Point Group, and signatures have been collected on paper and online.  These will be presented to the official body, The Development and Planning Commission (DPC) on Tuesday 8th April.

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Apr 03 - Gibraltar Marks World Autism Day

autism day Marking World Autism Day yesterday evening, autism sufferer Andrew lit the Parliament in blue to raise awareness on the issue. The event was attended by Ministers Sacramento, Cortes and Licudi, along with Social Services staff handing out informative leaflets on the condition. The blue hue will be turned on every evening until Sunday to help people remember the message.

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