Mar 08 - Mayor Expands Awards Scheme

mayor tony limaChief Minister, it has been decided to widen the scope of the Mayor’s Awards Scheme.

The Scheme, which at present only recognises persons who save a life or participate in any such rescue operation or act of bravery, will now also encompass persons or groups who have served Gibraltar in exceptional or voluntary service over a prolonged period of time.

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Mar 08 - City Fire Brigade Officers Carry Out Rope Rescue Training

rope rescueTwelve Officers from the City Fire Brigade have successfully completed two Rope Rescue Level 2 Supervisor Courses which were held recently around Gibraltar, under the supervision of Mr Malcolm Stephen from the Outreach Rescue (North Wales).

This course which gave the officers the opportunity to conduct specialist training in the setting up and supervision of different rope systems for a variety of rope rescues. Such rescues could take place on roof tops, steel structures and confined spaces as well as in natural environments.

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Mar 08 - Gibraltar’s Lost World is Uncovered in a Recently Published Paper

vanguard cave In a recently published article in the journal of Geomorphology, Dr. Clive Finlayson of the Gibraltar Museum explores the possibility that a ‘lost world’ formed part of Gibraltar, as caves such as Vanguard and Gorham’s once faced a coastal shelf with a shoreline as 5 km away, at times.

Dr. Finlayson notes that, the caves hold a unique archive of fauna and flora, in the form of fossils, charcoal and pollen, helping environmental reconstruction of now- submerged shelf landscapes. In addition, a 300-metre dune complex on the East side of the Rock and other geological features complement the biological picture.

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Mar 08 Registration of Stillbirths

GHAThe Government has amended the Births & Deaths Registration Act to enable the registration of any stillbirth which may occur in Gibraltar, to be registered after the twenty fourth week of pregnancy.

Additionally, the Government has made provisions for the registration of any stillborn child that occurred from 1st January 1996 to date. This, should however, not be construed as imposing a duty on any person to apply for registration.

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