Justin Hewitt Wins 5th WDF Ranking Of The Season

Justin Hewitt wins his 5th WDF ranking event of the season.

A statement from the GDA follows below:

Monday night saw Justin the Rock Eagle Hewitt continue with his impressive form since the start of the season . 
In what was the best final of the season  Justin  averaged 93 and Craig 85. 
Justin won his 6 legs in 15-15-16-16-17-17 darters, whilst 
Craig won his 4 legs in 16-16-18-18 darters , which is very impressive by both . 
Justin Hewitt hit 6x180 and high checkouts of 126 and 120 during the event 
      Results as from last 16 
Craig Galliano 4-0 Dayle Ramírez 
Darran Laker 4-3 David Francis . 
Juan Carlos Muñoz 4-0 Joseph Sanchez 
Alan Kimberly 4-1 Jerome Chipol . 
Justin Hewitt 4-0 Jason Sequi . 
Justin Broton 4-0 Liam Asquez 
Nico Bado 4-2 Dyson Parody . 
Sean Negrette 4-0 Kean Olivero . 
     Quarter finals 
Craig Galliano 4-2 Darran Laker 
Juan Carlos Munoz 4-2 Alan Kimberly .
Justin Hewitt 4-0 Justin Broton 
Nico Bado 4-3 Sean Negrette . 
       Semi finals 
Craig Galliano 5-0 Juan Carlos Muñoz 
Justin Hewitt 5-4 Nico Bado . 
         Final Justin Hewitt 6-4 Craig Galliano . 
Congratulations to Justin commiserations to Craig .