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Royal Gibraltar Regiment Warrant Officer Ethaniel Jeffries-Mor Wins Bronze Medal

Warrant Officer Ethaniel Jeffries-Mor has won a bronze medal in a recent British Army Championship Competition held in the United Kingdom. 

A statement from British Forces Gibraltar follows below:

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment are delighted to announce that Warrant Officer Ethaniel  Jeffries-Mor has won a bronze medal in a recent British Army Championship  Competition held in the United Kingdom. 

WO2 Ethaniel Jeffries-Mor competed in the 100kg+ category, at the recent United Kingdom  Armed Forces (UKAF) Inter-Corps Judo Championships. The event was held earlier on this  month on board HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, in Portsmouth. 

This prestigious venue aboard the Royal Navy’s’ Flagship, attracted competitors from across  the Armed Forces in a day long competition. Competitors from the Army, Royal Navy and  Royal Air Force, competed in ‘Individual’ and ‘Team’ events.  

Competing in the 100kg+ category, WO2 Jeffries-Mor focused on the individual event, where  he won his first two rounds with the fastest ‘ippons’ of the competition. The rest of WO2  Jeffries-Mor’s fights culminated in a medal-deciding round, against Corporal Andrew  Melbourne, full-time Judoka and National UK Judo Champion in the 100kg+category. 

Royal Gibraltar Regiment, Battalion Second in Command, Major Timothy Cumming, said:  “Considering that Cpl Melbourne weighed in at 165kg, which is 51Kg more than WO2  Jeffries-Mor, and was an aspiring Olympian, WO2 Jeffries-Mor put in an extraordinary effort  in a gruelling 3min 45sec fight, where he succumbed to a winning throw at the end of the  round.” 

“The Regiment is extremely proud of WO2 Ethaniel Jeffries-Mor’s exceptional achievements,  as he should be himself, in winning an Individual Bronze medal for the British Army Team in  the most unforgiving of Judo weight categories.” 

Building on from this success, WO2 Jeffries-Mor has now been selected to form part of the  United Kingdom Armed Forces Team to compete in the British National Team  Championships this July. A first for this athlete, the RG and Gibraltar, to have been selected  to compete in this event, which can only be seen as an extremely positive result for the  promotion of Judo at Regimental and National level.