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Army Regional Command Climbing Competition

Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s Sergeant (Sgt) Alex Spooner recently took part in the Army Regional Command Climbing Competition held in Reading, United Kingdom. 

A statement from British Forces Gibraltar follows below:

Sgt Spooner became aware of the competition through the Army Mountaineering  Association and decided he wanted to give the climbing competition a go.  

He arrived in Reading and decided to check out The Parthian Climbing Wall, which was where the event was taking place. Sgt Spooner was familiar with the wall from a previous  visit several years prior.  

Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s Sgt Spooner said: “After hearing about the Army Regional  Command UK South Sport Climbing Competition, I decided I wanted to enter to give myself  a measure of how good I was. I was set to fly out on the Tuesday, participate in the  competition on the Wednesday and return on the Thursday, so it was a very short visit. 

Overall, I felt quite confident waking up the next day for the competition and arrived at the  wall early. The qualifiers were run on five different routes of increasing difficulty from one to  five with five being the hardest. All participants were given a number, and this would be the  order in which we climbed the routes starting at one. In numerical order each participant had  one attempt at each route which was timed. This then gave the judges/organisers a pecking  order of best to worst using a scoring system based on your time and high point reached if  you didn’t top the route.” 

Sgt Spooner performed well in the qualifiers topping out on all five routes. He climbed routes  one, two & three in about thirty seconds each. Then route four he could tell was going to be  trickier, which meant it took him longer to climb. 

Sgt Spooner said: “Route five was looking like the hardest route so far with many of the  participants falling only a few moves in. Again, I managed to top this route around the thirty  second mark putting myself in a good spot for the finals.” 

The finals were run on three separate routes for three separate categories: novice, open and  elite. Sgt Spooner had been moved from the open final to the elite final competing against  many of the Army climbing team.  

Overall, Sgt Spooner placed fifth out of eighty participants where twelve were in the elite  category. This meant he was able to grab a spot on the Army Climbing Team. He narrowly 

missed out on a medal for the best masters (+35 years old) due to another climber reaching  the same hold in the finals but having faster qualifying times.  

Sgt Spooner said: “Competition climbing is a new style of climbing for me and something  that I think will be very enjoyable once my nerves settle a bit.”