Sep 28 - New Measures To Help Mobile Customers Manage Local Data Usage

With increased smartphone usage comes increased mobile data traffic, and as from Tuesday 3 October Gibtelecom is making some changes to assist its pay monthly mobile customers manage their data usage.

“Gibtelecom offers a range of competitive mobile plans, many of which have inclusive data allowances”, said Gibtelecom’s Head of Marketing and Business Development, Adrian Ochello. “However, it can be difficult to appreciate how much data is consumed in megabytes or gigabytes as they are not as tangible as traditional voice minutes or SMS messages. To assist customers Gibtelecom is extending its data consumption notification messages and caps to local data usage, in addition to roaming.” The default limit is set at £42, and can be increased at a ‘per number’ level by contacting Gibtelecom Customer Services. Subscribers will receive notifications when they reach 50%, 80% and 100% of this limit, after which data usage will be barred until a bolt-on or larger bundle is purchased, or the threshold is extended. Customers who have already changed their roaming data threshold limit above £42 a month will automatically have this limit applied to local data.

Lianne Azzopardi from Gibtelecom’s Marketing team commented on how “people are increasingly reliant on data access on their mobile devices to go about their daily lives and as a result local mobile data use has tripled in the past 18 months. Additionally, with the introduction of Roam Like at Home in June this year you can take your data allowances and use them anywhere in the European Economic Area at no extra cost. There may be some months where you use data more than others and so on Gibtelecom’s newest plans you have the option of purchasing one-off bolt-ons for those busy months without having to commit to a plan upgrade. We also publish information on Gibtelecom’s website to help you gauge which plan is best suited to your data needs, as well as providing handy tips on how to keep in control of your data usage. You can also check how much data you have left on your bundle or plan at any time by texting DATACHECK to 8100.”

The change will take place in the early hours of Tuesday morning, during which customers may notice a temporary disconnection from their data session, with data reconnected in under a minute. These changes apply to pay monthly plans only so Reload (pre-paid) customers will remain unaffected.

For further information on Gibtelecom’s mobile data plans and data saving tips visit To upgrade your plan, change your chargeable data threshold or purchase a bolt-on call +350 20052200 or Freephone 194.