• Picardo Calls Election For 12th October
  • Picardo Calls Election For 12th October

    On the advice of the Chief Minister, at midday today 12th September 2023 His Excellency the Governor Vice Admiral Sir David Steel KBE, KStJ, DL issued the Proclamation under section 38(1) of the Constitution of Gibraltar to dissolve Parliament. 

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Sep 25 - Picardo Meets with Unite and Spanish Trade Unions

unions meeting Chief Minister Fabian Picardo today met with representatives of the local Unite the Union branch, as well as members of Spain’s largest trade union Comisiones Obreras and UGT.

Mr. Picardo has been adamant in his insistence that cross border union cooperation is necessary for Gibraltar. During a recent conference hosted by Unite, covering the matter of Industrial Relations, Mr. Picardo insisted that they were looking into convincing un-registered cross border workers to register officially, as they would then benefit from laws protecting workers.

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