• Man Arrested In Relation To Data Breach
  • Man Arrested In Relation To Data Breach

    A man was arrested at 07:40am this morning at a residence in the South District in  relation to a public enquiry regarding a data breach. The local man, 56, was arrested on suspicion of: 

    • Conspiracy to Obtain Unauthorised Access to Computer Material, Contrary to S362 Crimes Act 2011 & Crimes Act 2011.
    • Misconduct in Public Office, Contrary to Common Law
    • Unlawful Obtaining of Personal Data, Contrary to S175 Data Protection Act His arrest relates to a serious data breach.

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Mar 18 - GSD Calls for Government’s Inconvenient Truth on Presidential Dinner Invite

gsdFollowing the Government’s statement on the Chief Minister’s Washington visit, the Opposition has insisted that the Government reveal who paid the minimum donation of $100,000 for the invite to the President’s inaugural Candlelight Dinner. The GSD asks what arrangements (if any) does the Government have the individual or company that donated to the president’s election campaign.

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Mar 18 - Minister Licudi Speaks at Hedge Funds Conference

minister licudiMinister for Financial Services, Gilbert Licudi is currently in Rio de Janeiro speaking at a conference discussing hedge funds. The event brings together experts in the field from both North and South America.

This event is part of a programme by the Government to elevate the profile of Gibraltar as a major centre in Europe for the establishment and management of funds. It follows Mr Licudi's participation earlier last month at a funds conference in Zurich where he was also able to address an audience of professionals.

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Mar 18 - ‘Flavius’ and ‘The C Word’ Take Home Drama Festival Win

text newsFollowing an extremely success week for the Gibraltar Drama Festival 2013, the winners were announced by the Adjudicator, Stephen Oliver, during Saturday’s Gala evening.

Best Youth Player was won by Demi Green for her role as Hannah in the ‘The C Word’, presented by Santos; Julian Felice’s play, ‘Flavius’, won Best Original Play; Best Stage Design was awarded to the Trafalgar Theatre Group’s ‘The Diary of Adam and Eve’;

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