• Threat Level to Remain at Moderate
  • Threat Level to Remain at Moderate

    In response to last night’s incident in Algeciras, the Gibraltar Contingency Council (GCC) met this morning, 26th January, to review security matters. The meeting was co-chaired by his Excellency the Governor and the Chief Minister.

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Apr 10 - GGR Insists Rodriguez and Muscat Should Be First Civil Partnership Couple

ggrEquality Rights Group, the GGR has called on Government to honour ‘the determination and courage’ that Nadine Rodriguez and Alicia Muscat demonstrated in taking up their housing discrimination case (won late 2009) by honouring them with being the first gay couple to enter into Civil Partnership when it becomes law in Gibraltar.

‘Noone deserves this honour more than these two brave women and we can confirm they will be wanting to register their union. Despite being neither campaigners nor politicians past or present, no other couple has done so much to fight discrimination against LGB people, and consequently noone else deserves the honour more than they do. They are an important symbol for us all. In neither hiding nor backing down, Nadine and Alicia won the first significant battle for non-discrimination not only for themselves, but also for all gay couples in our country. They helped to pave the way for many people to be treated with the respect, dignity and equality owed to them by the institutions and which are inherent to all by birthright.

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Apr 10 - Young Rock Gems Win Gold at Blackpool Ice Festival

rock gemsJenni Smith, former National Advisor to Great Britain and the International Synchronised Ice Skating teams no coaches local figure skating team, the Rock Gems, which is made up of locals Bobbie Holgate Pope, Gabriella Chipol, Emma Marshall, Tara Tirathdas, Holly Hart HiAerin Victory, Alicia Linares, and Adelle Victory.

The young team recently brought home their second Gold medal following a stint at the annual Blackpool Ice Festival that ran from 1st – 5th April. The team fought against well-established teams from the United Kingdom, but had a clear win.

Within the Solo figure skating category, 12-year-old Bobbie Holgate Pope won silver with 9-year-old Tara Tiranthdas winning bronze in the same category.

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Apr 09 - Spaniard charged with Local Theft

rgpFollowing a report of theft by an eighty-eight year old local woman who had property stolen whilst waiting for a bus on Europa Road, a thirty-three year old Spanish national has been arrested and charged with theft. The incident occurred on Friday the 5th of April 2013.

Maria Tamara Polo Sabalete, aged thirty-three and a resident of La Linea was arrested on the day of the incident by officers of the Neighbourhood Policing Unit and charged with one count of theft. She was bailed out to appear to appear at the Magistrate’s Court at 1000hrs the 8th of April.


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