• Government Calls For Measured Response To Principal Auditor’s Report
  • Government Calls For Measured Response To Principal Auditor’s Report

    Below follows a statement from the Government on the Principal Auditor’s Report:

    The Government regrets the continued manipulation by the GSD Opposition of the Principal Auditor’s Report to politicise and undermine the work of the Government and of the Public Service. The Auditor’s work is undermined by the attempt from the Opposition to exploit his work for Party political purposes. 

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Jan 10 Opposition’s Press Release Is A Distortion Of The Truth

Gibraltar GovernmentThe Opposition’s latest press release concerning a person with mental health problems is nothing more than a distortion of the truth and a typical attempt at scaremongering using vulnerable people to make political capital.

The matter relates to a person who was charged with a very serious offence at the end of 2012 and was remanded in custody at the time. Although he has attended court every 7 days since then as is usual procedure for people remanded in custody, a bail application for his release was not made until last month.

The Opposition suggest that there has been no support for this person from the mental health services. This is not the case. The mental health team have been working closely with the prison to ensure that all necessary treatment and support is provided.

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