Dec 12 - Post Office Offers Free PO Box to Gibraltar Charities

post office The Royal Gibraltar Post Office is to introduce a new initiative comprising a free Post Office Box Unit (POBU) service for Registered Charities in Gibraltar.

Although this will not equate to a free postal service, it will provide a free post office box address through which charities can collect their mail. Each registering Charity will be issued a unique number commencing with 90, followed by their issued Registered Charity Certificate Number.

The Charities registering for the new service will be issued with a unique collection card identifier to enable them to collect their mail from the POBU Counter at Irish Town.

The participating Charities’ mail will then be filtered to the POBU direct and prepared ready for collection at the POBU Counter via means of the unique collection card identifier.

Charities wishing to avail themselves of this new service should complete the application form available on request from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Registering Charities will be advised of the start date of the new initiative as soon as the initial administration process is completed.